FullDorm offers college students a platform where they can give their business plans and ideas the exposure they deserver!

Whether you manage a multi-million dollar fund or you've got just enough to invest in a student start-up, you know as well as we do that all it takes is one great idea matched with a motivated entrepreneur and the proper funding to create the next big thing.

We've worked with students and investors to help us design and develop this feature. It allows only those affiliated with a college campus (students, faculty, and administration) to upload their business plan to our database.

FullDorm currently has dozens of investors signed up that actively review our growing database of business plans.

Just like buying a used car, we know you'll want to see what you're getting before you buy-in, so we've set up this feature so you can register for free. This option allows you the opportunity to take a look at the brief summaries for a few of our recent plans, just so you can get an idea for the types of plans in our database. When you decide that you like what you're reading, you can become a member with full access to our database.