About Us

Our Mission:

Before FullDorm had a name there was a purpose, a vision that outlines our core values. The vision is to create a service that adds value to students lives at the individual level and together as a larger campus community. Our users are in charge when it comes to what we offer and it is our goal to meet their demands and exceed their expectations in everything we do.

Our Story:

Let's face it, business students tend to have a lot of extra time on their hands during the semester. I was one of those students studying business at Bentley University. Like many other business students, I spent a lot of that time thinking of new business ideas and ways to improve current products/ processes.

FullDorm started in a Bentley dorm room (NOA 108) over a casual phone conversation with a friend. I was reclining in an executive chair that I bought when I was a freshman. It was almost as big as the standard dorm room desk. To make a long story short, I teamed up with a couple of developers and here we are now.

Don't think we started off like this. We launched our site in August 2010 at Bentley with our beta site which was a significantly stripped down and simpler version of what we offer today. With tons of great feedback from students we designed and implemented an entirely new user interface that included additional features.

Students (faculty and staff, too) now have a structured, secure, university-endorsed online platform that allows its users to connect with each other through buying, selling, sharing, and discussing different campus related topics, 24 hours a day.

We're not done yet, we are always looking for ways to not only improve our current features, but we are also exploring ideas for new features that our users would find interesting and/or valuable. We value and appreciate any constructive feedback from our users so please share your thoughts with us via our contact us form

All of our features are periodically analyzed by student run focus groups. These focus groups are conducted to gather important feedback that helps us to enhance usability and engage new users.

FullDorm aspires to be on the majority of Boston area campuses by the end of the year.

As recent college students, we understand the importance of keeping our user information private. Whether or not you're paranoid about your privacy, you should still check out our privacy policy.

We're connecting the campus community, one school at a time...